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Welcome to Danielle’s Place where you will find thousands of free educational crafts and activities for kids designed to make learning fun. Many are Bible-based and great for use in Sunday school, preschool, home school, and on special occasions.

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New Christmas Crafts on Danielle's Place from www.daniellesplace.com

Shepherd Craft - Cupcake liner Christmas craft for kids from www.daniellesplace.com

New Christmas Crafts!

New Christmas Crafts for Preschool and Elementary Children

Check out our new, cheap and easy crafts that children of all ages will enjoy this holiday season. Elementary children will enjoy making their own "List for Santa" folding craft stick Christmas ornament and the Christmas Scene Triptych Craft made by gluing craft sticks to a paper pattern. Younger children will love making and playing with the new paper plate manger crafts.

Shepherd and Sheep Craft

Use this craft with the Christmas Sunday School lesson - The Shepherds Tell About Jesus' Birth

Older children will love making these shepherds with pompom sheep to decorate their Christmas trees.

All you need to make this craft is cupcake liners, jumbo craft sticks, pompoms, and Chenille stems.

Snail Crafts and Learning Activities from www.daniellesplace.com Spice Painting - Great Sensory Learning Activity for Art Class from www.daniellesplace.com

Snail Crafts and Learning

Through these activities children learn about snails
and play learning games with a snail theme.

Snail Paper Plate Crafts

This adorable paper plate craft can be used as a rocking toy, snail mail writing activity and game, rainbow color wheel review, and a snail-shaped writing activity.

Follow the Snail Trail Game Board - Have your children write facts about snails as they study them, and use the game board to review the facts.

Lucky Number Snail Game - Use this printable to help children review their numbers and number facts.

Check out our Snail Crafts and Learning Activities Page for even more great ideas!

Spice Painting

Spice up your painting experience! A great alternative to traditional paint media, spice painting introduces children to alternative methods of painting, promotes experimentation and creativity.

Make this an even better home school learning activity by including the history and origins of spices. Include a geography lesson by looking the countries from which your spices came.

Learning Fun Through Crafts and Activities - Hands-on Learning!
Lots of Educational Printables and Craft Ideas for Home Schools

Learn how using arts and crafts  can promote success in every aspect of your child's life.

The Benefits of Arts and Crafts

Homeschoolers consider using more arts and crafts in your home school curriculum.

Arts and Crafts are not only fun and entertaining, but are a great way to help your child succeed in every aspect of his or her life. Read more about how you can help your child grow through arts and crafts.

Danielle's Place of Crafts and Activities has thousands of educational crafts, learning activities that will suppliment your home school curriculum. Check us out today! With a yearly membership of only $23.95 you will have access to thousands printable patterns that you can use with your home school curriculum.

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Elements of Design Art Lessons and Activities for Kids!

Point and Dot - Pointillism, George Seurat, Aboriginal Dot Painting

Line - Kandinsky's Drayon Drawings, Paul Klee, Symbolism in Art, Aboriginal Line and Symbol Paintings, and Ed Emberley's Thumbprint Art

Shape - Jean Arp, Organic and Abstract Shapes, Printmaking Techniques, Positive and Negative Shapes

Color - Georgia O'Keefe, Claude Monet, Impressionism, Color Wheel, and Colorful Owl Puppets

Value - Rembrandt, Chiaroscuro Drawing Identifying Values, High and Low Contrast Images, Using Dots for Shading, Tints and Shades, and Silhouettes


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