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Venus Flytrap Paper Plate Crafts and Learning Activities for Children.

Puppet Crafts  - Paper Bag Puppets, Sock Puppets, Marionette Puppets, Cup Puppets, and Stick Puppets, and Spoon Puppets from www.daniellesplace.com

Venus Flytrap Crafts and
Learning Activities

Through these activities children will learn the unique characteristics of the Venus Flytrap and other carnivorous plants.

Venus Flytrap Paper Plate Puppet

This puppet can be used to present a report about Venus Flytraps, or as an educational game. Using the real flytrap as a model Children arrange the flytrap's "teeth" so that they alternate and form a cell when the leaf mouth is closed so that the pompom fly cannot escape.

Paper Plate Venus Flytrap Craft with Writing Paper or Mini Circular Book

Children make a paper plate Venus Flytrap and then write about flytraps on a printable writing sheet or the mini circle book.

Venus Flytrap Bug Identification Learning Activity

Children learn about how flytraps catch their prey and then see how many different insects, spiders, and other creatures they can identify. They can also classify the 25 bugs.

Puppet Crafts

Puppets are great educational tools. Not only are they fun to make, but they are also fun to use.

Have your children use their puppets to act out stories they have read. Use them to review math facts and spelling words, or to encourage your children to read. See our Educational Crafts Page.

Have your children write skits and use the puppets to perform puppet skits.

Children can design their own puppets using the examples available on the Puppet Crafts Page. Making things helps them develop creativity, self-esteem, patience and many other skills.

You will find a wide variety of puppet crafts on this site including: Paper Bag Puppets, Sock Puppets, Marionette Puppets, Cup Puppets, Stick Puppets, and Spoon Puppets.

Easter Crafts and Learning Activities from www.daniellesplace.com m

Easter Crafts and
Learning Activities

Fun Easter Crafts and Learning Activities for all ages including:

Printable Games, Learning Activities, Easter Bunny Plant Stake, Bunny Cup Craft, Easter Bunny Paper Plate Crafts, Easter Basket Made from Recycled Milk Jug, Easter Bulletin Board Displays, Dancing Bunny Marionette Puppet Craft, Colorful Egg Printables, and much, much, more!

Reading Crafts and
Learning Activities

Printable "I'm a Monster Reader!" Bookmark

Monster Milk Jug Caddy - Children feed this little monster new words they have learned while reading.

Monster Reader Bookmark and Game

Learning Fun Through Crafts and Activities - Hands-on Learning!
Lots of Educational Printables and Craft Ideas

Action Verbs Printable
Activity Sheet

Action Verb Activity Sheet

Teach your children what action verbs are. Have them color the "action word characters" and then draw some of their own "action figures". Go to the Educational Reading Page for Patterns and Directions

Hawaii Flora Printable

Hawaii Flora Activity Sheet

Can you identify these plants?

The Fly's Eye Bubble Wrap
Activity Sheet

The Fly's Eyes - Compound Eyes Bubble Wrap Activity Sheet

Learn fun facts about ordinary house flies.
Children color the fly's face, identify the parts, and then use bubble wrap to make the fly's com-pound eyes. Go to the Bug Crafts Page for a
Printable Pattern

Label the Grasshopper

label the grasshopper printable sheet

Children get up close and personal with this real-life picture of a grasshopper. They identify the parts after researching grasshoppers on the web. They can also make their own paper grass-hoppers to help them remember what they have learned. Go to the Bug Crafts Page

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