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Easter Crafts for Sunday School and Children's Ministry



Jelly Bean Poem and Frame Easter Craft

Jelly Bean Poem Craft for Easter from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

Color Paper or Printer that Prints in Color



Construction Paper

How to Make the Jelly Bean Picture Frame:

1. Print out the poem pattern and cut it out, or print the following poem on a piece of paper.

Member's pattern

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Jelly Beans
By Carolyn Warvel

Five or six, or just a few,
Pop them in your mouth and chew,
Yellow, purple, orange, and blue,
Just remember it is true,
Jesus died for me and you.

2. Glue the poem onto the center of a piece of construction paper.

3. Print out the jelly beans patterns. (Both a black and white and colored jelly bean patterns are available to Member's, above.) Print out the black and white pattern onto different colors of paper to save on expensive printer ink.

4. Cut out the jelly beans and glue them around the frame.

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New Life Butterfly Foam Confetti Craft for Sunday School

New Life Butterfly using Foam Confetti  www.daniellesplace.com


What you will need:

Craft Foam

Hole Punches of Different Shapes such as Stars, Hearts, Flowers, etc.

Aleene's Tacky Glue

Colorful Cardstock

Craft Foam Shapes


How to Make the New Life Butterfly with Foam Confetti:

1. Draw or print out a picture of a butterfly onto colorful card stock (Heavy Paper), or use our butterfly pattern.

Member's pattern
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confetti closeup

2. Make confetti out of the craft foam by using hole punches of different shapes or cut up scrap craft foam into tiny pieces.

3. Have your children place glue on the butterfly where they want the confetti to stick and then sprinkle the confetti over the glue.

4. To finish have your children glue foam flower shapes or other shapes on the butterfly.

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"New Life" Butterfly Picture for Easter

New Life Butterfly Craft for Easter

What you will need:

Printer Paper

Bingo Dotters


Stickers, Sequins, or other Decorative Items


How to Make the New Life Butterfly:

1. Before class print out a butterfly picture and make copies.

Member's pattern

Instant Download - for Printable Pattern Only -   purchase 

2. In class have your children paint the butterflies using Bingo dotters or paint. When the paint is dry they may want to add sequins, stickers or other decorative items.


Egg shell confetti butterfly Easter Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

Easter egg shells make great confetti! Try to keep the shells as big as possible when peeling your eggs because it will make it easier to use the colored side of the eggs for the confetti. Dry the egg shells in a warm oven in a pie tin before using them. Place glue on the picture where you want the egg shell confetti, and then place the egg shell on the glue. If the confetti pieces are too big and hang over the lines, just press down on the shells with you finger nail to break off the extra pieces.



FREE Crayon Resist Hosanna Egg Coloring Sheet!

Hoppy Easter Activity Sheet www.daniellesplace.com
Hosanna Easter Eagg Activity Sheet www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need: Crayons and Water Color Paint

What to do:

1. Print out the pattern and make copies if your printer uses water soluble ink.

Get your Free Pattern Hoppy Easter Pattern! pattern2

Get your Free Hosanna Egg Pattern pattern3

2. Have your children draw patterns on the eggs with crayons and then paint over the crayon. The water paint will not stick to the crayon.


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