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Bible Crafts and Games for Children's Ministry about Easter



Easter Symbol Eggs Coloring Craft for Children's Ministry

Use these paper Easter Eggs to decorate your bulletin board or hang them on a tree for a unique Easter decoration. As your children work, ask them what they think each symbol represents in the story of Easter.

Easter Symbol Eggs Coloring Craft

What you will need:



Glitter Glue or Glitter Sticks

Crayons or Colored Pencils

Yarn (Optional)


How to make:

1. Print out the egg patterns onto white card stock and cut them out.

Member's Easter symbol Eggs

Instant Digital Download Purchaes Easter Symbol Eggs coloring Craft

2. Color the eggs with crayons or markers; accent them with glitter glue or glitter sticks.

3. Hang them on a tree with yarn or decorate a bulletin board for Easter.



The Parable of the Lily

Read the children the book "The Parable of the Lily ". (You might be able to find this book at Wal-Mart.)

An Easter Sunday School Lesson that goes along with this book is available on The Resource Room.



Blooming Paper Flower Craft

This simple will amaze your students as they watch their paper flowers open and reveal a message inside. Children fold up the petals of the paper flowers and place the flowers in a bowl of water. After a few seconds, the flower will start to open.

Member's Paper Flower Bloom Pattern

Watch the video below to see a paper flower in a bowl of water bloom and reveal an important Easter message.



Easter Bible Craft - He Lives!" Flower that opens when place in water Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

Member's lily pattern

Instant Download Pattern $1.00

Includes one page of three flower patterns. Use cheap printer paper and crayons for best results.

  purchase lily pattern  


Beginning this summer, our kindergarten class will use your site, too. Those teachers have seen your material that I'm using and are very excited. Thanks again for all you hard work and great ideas. Your ideas for presenting the Bible lessons are as good as your crafts and games! God bless you and keep your ideas flowing! Cheryl Blansett - 03/15/2010



15+ Easter Bible Games For Children's Ministry

15 plus easter bible games for childrens ministry from www.daniellesplace.com

All the games are easy to prepare and use only plastic Easter eggs and other easy-to-find supplies such as markers and paper.

These games can be adapted to any Bible lesson to review the lesson, and help memorize the Bible verse.

Children of all ages will love these games! Go to the Easter Game Page to view them.



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