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Jelly Bean Poem

Print out the poem and have your children color the jelly beans. You can also have them pick out one jelly bean for each color represented in the poem from a bowl of jelly beans and place them in a bag to go with the printout.

Jelly Beans tell a Story free printable for Easter Sunday from www.daniellesplace.com


Jelly Beans Tell a Story
Written by Barbara Hooks

Black is for the evil planned that night.
Yellow is for God’s Son Who is the Light.

Red is for the precious blood that Jesus gave,
Green is for the grass that grew beside the grave.

Orange is for the setting sun as soldiers slept.
Pink is for the rising sun as Mary wept. . . . (See printout)

Member's Jelly Bean Poem Pattern

Free Digital Download free printable pattern egg poem

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Easter Plays for Children



"All the Way to There" Easter Play

This play can be done at any time during the year and there are no lines to learn (except for the preaching).

You will need the CD, "All the Way to There", by John Berry. The play is acted out to the song "How Much Do You Love Me?" I had a 6 year old act out the part of the little girl, a teenager for the teen and an adult for the married woman. This song (in case you haven't heard it) talks about a small girl playing with a dinosaur and she asks her father (played by the Pastor) if he wants to play dinosaurs with her. He's reading a paper and puts it down and chases after her.

(We had a set of 3 stairs made that she could climb up). On the second stair, she turns around and looks at her dad. (In the song, it says that she asked, "How much do you love me? How much do you really care?" Then the dad follows the song, by touching his heart and stretching out his arms as the song plays the words "All the way to there". They hug and the little girl exits. Next scene is the teen calling her dad. She waits on the steps and he drives up (two chairs put together as dad pretends to drive.) She gets in the car crying. He anticipates that she needs to know how much he loves her, so he taps her on the shoulder and again touches his heart and stretches out his hands as the song plays "all the way to there". They part with a hug.

Last scene - a woman with a suitcase gives the dinosaur to her dad and kisses him good-bye and waves. She goes to the stairs and looks very sad and lonely (song says she's 1,000 miles away). Looking towards her, but sort of over her head, he touches his heart and stretches out his arms. She looks in his general direction and touches her heart and stretches out her arms too. The play ends like this.

Next, the preacher goes to the first step and talks about how joyous we are when we first find Jesus. How everything seems fun and we have so much exuberance. On the second step, the preacher talks about the "teen" years in a Christian's life --the years of conformity (The trial years). Finally, on the third step, we talk about the "married" state - how we have learned to trust Jesus for better or for worse, etc. and are waiting now to see Him face to face. Preacher should emphasize that Jesus loves us "all the way to there".

I added some very sentimental songs regarding how much Jesus loves us. At the end, I had the cast come up one by one, starting with the little girl and stand in front of the cross and put up her hands. I had asked some key members of the congregation before the play if they would come to the altar and do the same when they saw the cast doing this. The effect was phenomenal. When I turned around, the entire church was at the altar with their hands raised in praise!

Easy play, minimum of props and we only needed one night of practice! Hope someone can use this. Theresa

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