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Bible Stick Puppets for Children's Ministry

Learning with Bible Stick Puppets


Using stick puppets in your children's ministry is a great way to review the Bible lesson and re-einforce the lesson theme.

Have older children write their own puppet skits and create a puppet background and props.

Print out the puppets in reverse to make a reversible puppet with different emotions, or to reverse the direction the puppet can travel across the stage.


Fourteen Bible Stick Puppets to Teach or Review Bible Stories

14 Bible Stick Puppet for Sunday School and Children's Ministry - Instand Download


Available in three different sizes: 7-inch, 5-inch and 3-inch, color and black & white.

Children color and draw in the faces on the black and white patterns.

Member's Member's Stick Puppet Patterns

Instant Download $3.95 - Purchase Stick Puppets

Includes 7-inch, 5-inch, and 3-inch puppets in both color and black & white.


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